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The Brain Tumour Charity, the UK's leading brain tumour charitable organisation, is our chosen charity and here are some facts as to why they need your money:


Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under the age of 40.


They reduce life expectancy by 20 years on average – the highest of any cancer.


Over £500 million is spent on cancer research in the UK every year, yet less than 2% is spent on brain tumours.


The Brain Tumour Charity does not receive any government or statutory funding, relying 100% on voluntary donations.


Please help us raise as much money as possible for this worthwhile.

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 6 Speed Brompton




Half Bike Experience



8 years commuting, Thames Bridge, Way of the Roses,



Isle of Wight Randonnee 2015, Dunwich Dynamo 2015




What are you most looking forward to on the ride?



The Finish!

Richard Dawson

Martin Hughes











6 Speed Brompton




Cycling Experience



Thames Bridge, Isle of Wight Randonnee 2015,


Dunwich Dynamo 2015




What are you most looking forward to on the ride?



Not being on a Brompton


Regular updates will be provided prior to and during the ride, giving all Twitter and Facebook followers information on the amount raised, the gruelling route we will take on and our progress on our half bikes.


Please follow, re-tweet, like, sponsor & promote this amazing cause and spread the word to help fund brain tumour research.

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With your help we can help fund even more lifesaving research to improve the prospects for people with brain tumours. Here is how your money can help:

£25 can cover the cost of providing essential information needed by someone currently living with a brain tumour.


£50 can contribute to the funding of a crucial Clinical Trials Co-ordinator – the person who sets the brain tumour clinical trial up, runs the patient recruitment and processes the critical data.


£100 can fund one support group meeting for people living with a brain tumour and their families.


£250 can pay for one day’s research to further the understanding of a brain tumour in order to provide more targeted treatments.

It doesn't matter whether you can afford to give £1 or £250, it all goes towards our target.


Thank you for your support


Half Bike Heroes

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Having successfully completed the 170-mile Way of the Roses coast2coast bike ride in 2013 Half Bike Heroes are back! A new, but maybe not improved line up, sees Martin Hughes and Richard Dawson join original members, James Godfrey and Paul Williams, as they tackle the Isle of Man 24 hour relay race.


Taking place on 26 & 27th September they will be seeing how many laps of the famous Isle of Man TT circuit they can complete on their fold-up commuter bikes.


Their dear friend Chris Hoyle continues to be their motivation as they sadly lost him in 2012 to a brain tumour. He was only 43 when this ruthless disease took hold. In memory of Chris and to support others affected by brain tumours they are raising money in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity.


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A selection of shots from the famous Isle of Man TT circuit that we as Half Bike Heroes are undertaking.





The world famous TT circuit has been home to motorcycle racing since 1907. The course is 37.7 miles long and the current lap record is held by John McGuinness at a staggering 132.701mph and it took under 1 hour and 10 minutes to complete the 6 lap Senior TT in July.


Whilst we will be tackling the exact same route, starting at the iconic pits, going down Bray Hill, passing Ramsey hairpin and going up the mountain past the Bungalow we will be lucky to be averaging 10mph on our fold up bikes. A lap may take nearer 4 hours to complete and at that rate it may take us the whole 24 hours to complete the same distance as the Senior TT!


However, we have great inspiration in Chris and in the Brain Tumour Charity we have a great cause to ride for....


Paul and Martin first met Chris, at work, in the early 90’s and he very quickly became a friend as well as a colleague. The three of them quickly discovered a mutual interest in karting which led to them competing as a team on a regular basis.


It was whilst working at Roehampton that they first met James and he quickly became part of the karting team. When the Roehampton contract finished, Martin moved on to other interests, but Chris, James and Paul carried on with the karting and raced as an endurance team in Club 100 for many years, right up until Chris’ forced departure in 2011, due to his illness.


Richard on the other hand, met Chris in 1985 whilst at College and as Chris only lived 50 yards from the college, his home very quickly became their lunchtime retreat. There the pair of them would empty his parents’ fridge whilst watching Neighbours.


The last bike ride Richard did with Chris was the Thames Bridges - crossing 15 bridges from Tower Bridge to Hampton Court. Chris managed to negotiate eight of the bridges before crashing into James and damaging his wife Rose’s bike, which he had borrowed as his own racing bikes were too precious for towpath riding.


Chris’ illness took hold quickly and was very difficult to witness. His last 18 months were extremely hard for all who knew him, particularly Rose and their boys; his parents, John and Barbara; and his brother, Jon.


Paul and Richard, along with their wives, visited Chris in hospital two days before he died, and Richard was with him at the hospice on his last evening. James, Paul and Richard were pallbearers at Chris' funeral, which was an unbearably sad occasion, but was also filled with happy memories. Towards the end of his illness, during one of his good spells, Richard and Paul took him to the Goodwood Festival of Speed and it is good to remember how much he loved that day and how happy he was in that moment.


In 2013 James and Paul formed Half Bike Heroes decided to take on ‘The Way of the Roses’ coast-to-coast bike ride in Chris’ memory. They raised an incredible £4604.20 from online donations for The Brain Tumour Charity. With Martin and Richard now joining the team they are looking forwards to their next challenge The Isle of Man CC 24 Hour on 26 September 2015.


Chris was a keen cyclist in his youth and he would’ve no doubt got back into cycling as his boys got older. We think he would’ve approved of our bike rides (even though he would’ve laughed at the thought of joining us) and we’re sure he would’ve supported us along the way.


Paul Williams

James Godfrey











Tern C8 Link (with a few parts from a C7)




Half Bike Experience



3 years commuting, Thames Bridge, Way of the Roses,



Isle of Wight Randonnee 2015, Dunwich Dynamo 2015




What are you most looking forward to on the ride?



Stopping to eat...











Dahon Visc P18




Cycling Experience



Thames Bridges, Isle of Wight Randonnee 2015, commuting


on the Dahon since Feb 2015




What are you most looking forward to on the ride?


The downhill bits.

The man-mountains of this adventure